Menu and Grocery List Week 4

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Heather says:
This 4th edition of a weekly grocery list and menu rounds out a month of meals with no main dish repeats (week one will have been edited by that time). Next week instead of posting a menu, I will consolidate the four menus into one monthly menu with a two part master shopping list. This master grocery list will include the amounts needed for each item and how much fresh produce / dairy should be purchased each week of the plan. Using the master list in coordination with grocery store circulars, a family that hasn’t utilized a strict menu plan in the past, should be able to greatly reduce their grocery budget.

All of these recipes are geared toward a novice cook, but they don’t rely on convenience items to achieve this goal. Over the course of the next few months, I plan on creating new menus that fit different lifestyles. The ultimate goal is to have several plans that meet the needs of different families. The current edition is geared to a family with no dietary restrictions.

Now onto week 4’s menu and grocery list (here’s the downloadable pdf):

  1. Two bean tamale pie, roasted zucchini with cumin*
    *Follow the general idea of the recipe, but add a pinch of cumin
  2. Baked potato soup, Spinach salad with candied bacon
  3. Chicken, peppers, and mushrooms, steamed broccoli, rice
  4. Fettucini alfredo with blackened beef tips & tomatoes (grape or cherry), Caesar salad
    To add the tomatoes:  slice one pint of grape or cherry tomatoes in half, then briefly cook in the same pan used to cook the beef immediately after the beef has been removed. Only cook these for a minute or two, the goal isn’t to create a sauce, just to add a little bit of pop to the meal 
  5. Tuna melts, carrot raisin salad (optional treat, potato chips)
  6. Sloppy joes, stove top macaroni and cheese, margarita carrot sticks (non-alcoholic)

Tell me, Home Eccers, what is on your menu this week? Before I begin planning the next monthly menus*, I would love to hear what makes your menu difficult. Does someone in your family have dietary restrictions? Do you eschew red meat? 

*As a matter of transparency, I live in the South and it is already boiling hot. I may begin with a summer plan that utilizes the grill or a crockpot that can be placed outside.

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5 thoughts on “Menu and Grocery List Week 4”

  1. I’m back on the meal planning wagon this week. I’d totally flumped off the past few months since I haven’t had energy to cook (pregnancy exhaustion) and DH has been doing it all.

    Sunday – crock-pot pot roast and garlic bread
    Monday – Mushroom chicken, white rice, green beans
    Tuesday – Spaghetti, Caesar salad, garlic bread
    Wednesday – Pork chops, potatoes, fresh corn on the cob, salad
    Thursday – Fend for yourself night (leftovers or cold cereal or mac and cheese, whatever)
    Friday – Chicken wings and french fries – we’ll be eating junk food to celebrate our new TV 🙂

    The only dietary restrictions in our house is no seafood. Just not a fan is all.

    We’re here in Georgia and it is already hot enough to run the AC sometimes. Grill recipes would be awesome.

  2. Our menu is for 7 folks. 3 boys (13, 10, almost 9)….2 girls (4 & 3 and so not ready for grown-up food because “that’s yuckies”) and myself and husband. I rarely cook anything that takes longer than 30 minutes to prepare and with summer full on out here (we are going to be in the 100s this week….ugh) I wish to avoid running the oven for longer than an hour. Roasts are OVER until October.

    Our menu this week is:

    (last night) SUNDAY: Pasta with sauce and veggie side
    Tonight: Tacos
    Tuesday: Pork Chops
    Wednesday: Breakfast for Dinner (blueberry pancakes, bacon, fruit salad, scrambled eggs)
    Thursday: Southwest Chicken with rice and beans
    Friday: Chili in Cornbread Bowls with vegetable side
    Saturday: Chicken Noodle with Grilled Cheese and vegetable side

    I can’t eat pineapple or coconut (allergies)
    I have issues with raw chicken. I’ll cook it but I won’t eat it if I had to cook it.
    No seafood (we live too far inland….seafood this far from the coast makes me nervous)
    No stuffing (the only thing oldest son won’t eat)
    Nothing too exotic or bizarre….big waste of money as the kids (except oldest) will be afraid of it, even if it tastes good.

    To be honest… bores the heck out of me. I do not think “what is for dinner” should be the focus of anyone’s day. Dinner is dinner, lunch is lunch, breakfast is breakfast. Eat healthy, don’t eat too much…..wait five minutes before getting seconds/thirds to make sure you are still actually hungry. I try to teach my kids portion control now (in a non food-nazi way) so they don’t develop the habit of eating too much/ not knowing when they are full.

    I, personally, think there are way more interesting things to do than spend four hours worrying about what is for dinner on a normal afternoon. I love menus because it makes it all easy for me…..(I grew up in the south surrounded by southern women who started making dinner right after breakfast, sometimes).

    We are in Arizona now and I am readying my backyard (reseeding lawn, planting flowers) in preparation for a summer spent grilling out. Grilling out is FUN COOKING….you get to play with fire and the smell makes all your neighbors wish THEY were cooking out, too! I love grilling out so bring on those recipes!

  3. Hello,

    I like your idea of a month menu planner! We usually tend to have a fair share of repeat meals, but they are meals we really like. My husband will eat anything so I don’t have to worry about ingredients.

    The one thing that is the biggest challenge for me is to have quick suppers. I like to make most of our meals with at least some cook from scratch components and that takes time and planning. Something I’m pretty short of on weeknights.

    To help make fast weeknight suppers, I prepare the meat part of the meal ahead of time and store it in the freezer. When ground beef goes on sale I’ll buy a bunch and make it up into meatloaves, meatballs and just crumbled, brown beef. I recently did the same thing with chicken breasts.

    Here is a link to this week’s menu at our house.

    Take Care,


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  5. Hi
    I would like to have a monthly grocery list with recipes for everyday of the month, because i’m at a dead end. Okay, we live with my parents ( me, my fiance and daughter) and two siblings. My dad is a diabetic and my brother and sister don’t eat everything especially exotic foods. I don’t know what to buy and if I buy groceries, I don’t have enough for a good tasting meal or appropiate meal that everybody would eat – or it wouldn’t be enough for the month. So, if you could help, please I would appriciate it.


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