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Make a Good Impression Pot Roast

Make a Good Impression Pot Roast

Heather SolosNov 27, 20207 min read

First of all, everyone hates a meandering recipe introduction, even for pot roast. I know this. This is not an introduction. This is the methodology, not a story about how…

Getting past the ick factor: Boiled Beef Tongue – a Fearless Friday Post

Home-Ec GuestMar 9, 20128 min read

We haven’t done it for a while, but Fearless Fridays are where readers of this site share their culinary adventures. For some, it’s simply the act of preparing a meal…

Ground Beef and Gravy—Comfort Food that Saves a No-Good-Rotten-Day

Ground Beef and Gravy—Comfort Food that Saves a No-Good-Rotten-Day

Heather SolosDec 10, 20203 min read

I think when we look back on it, 2020 is going to be the year of comfort food. I have a friend who has a wonderful website and is an…

Beef Stroganoff, Gluten Free and for the Slow Cooker

Heather SolosJan 7, 20123 min read

Heather says: Beef stroganoff is not attractive comfort food, which is why it has taken me nearly five years to get around to posting this slow cooker recipe. It’s not…

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3 thoughts on “Beef Recipes”

  1. Hi, I really like your site, but be careful, healthy food is always the way to eat 🙂 j/k
    My recent post Obesity And Metabolism

  2. Hi Heather, love your recipes! I’m looking for a good Beef Stroganoff recipe that doesn’t call for cream of mushroom soup. (Bechemel sauce instead?) Got any suggestions? Also, do you have a beef recipe that comes with a nice gravy to serve with fresh mashed potatoes like beef tips and gravy or Chopped Steak and gravy?

  3. @ajacksonmom Hey, I’m currently on vacation. My stroganoff recipe is at home in South Carolina. I’ll get it up for you when I get home. I keep procrastinating that one as saucy beef pics are a little difficult. However, now that it’s been requested, I just have to do it. And you’ll be relieved to know my version does not contain cream of mushroom.


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